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(Still in development)  Made in Unity.

The player takes on the role of an anthropomorphized cat with an hourglass stuck to its back. The player will have navigate a 2d rendition of Bronze-Age Egypt while using the powers of their hourglass to steal in the name of their God: Bastet. Along the way, the player will have to survive the dangers of the mortal world and the wrath of the divine.


A/D : Left/ Right

Space Bar: Jump

S: Create Platform

E: add Time to Timer

Q: Remove Time from Timer

Creating Platform removes 10sec.

E & Q are just for testing purposes

Gameplay: The player, in addition to the usual suite of 2d platforming abilities (move left/right, jump, etc.) will have the abilities following abilities: Attack with Sand, Shield with Sand.

Initially the player would have an hourglass that would start at 100%, the countdown starts fromt here you are constantly loosing sand and have to use certain amounts to use abilites to solve puzzles and fight enimies. You can regain sand using sand nodes.


Textures and Models: WolfManStan (https://www.artstation.com/artist/wolfmanstan)

Programming and Level Design:  LyokoWarrior and Darth_Owl

Sound Design/ Music: Andrew Mushel (https://soundcloud.com/andrewmushel)

UI: Lorence O (TragicNumberOne)


Sands of Meow EXE.rar 31 MB

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